Professional trainning : leather crafts and upholdstery

Passing on a know-how – Giving tools to create

The workshop welcomes all audiences. Beginners, professionals, job seekers or employees in a professional retraining project.

You wish to learn or to perfect yourself to the work of the leather discover our courses and our trainings.

Who are these profesionnal trainings for ?

  • Job seekers
  • Employees undertaking a CIF in order to reoriente professionally.
  • Leather crafts professionals wishing to perfect their skills.
  • Specialized educators in the social health sector.
  • Plasticians.
  • Creative workshop facilitator or recreation centers.

Organising trainings and financing them :

A first contact is established by mail or by phone. Then, a meeting will allow to define the trainee project, and the training duration. (from 30 hours to 900 hours), and the type of support most adequate

Myriam Romiguier signs conventions directly between the OPCA (Organisme Paritaires Collecteurs Agréés) and the employers who finance or partially finance the training within a DIF (Droit Individuel à la Formation), or a CIF (Congé Individuel de Formation)

AGEFOS UNIFORMATION ? CONSTRUCTYS, AGEFICE ? ANFH ? FAFCEA are one of the OPCA who has given the Romy workshop his trust. (non exhaustive liste)

Training goals

  1. Understand the mechanism of the leather crafts activity  in order to define your own professional project and the differents steps to achieve it.
  2. Getting to know skins and hides, ,where and which one to buy.
  3. Understanding and mastering the manufacturing techniques of leather crafts and upholdstery. From a unique item to a small series production.
  4. Knowing machines and how to get your workshop equiped.
  5. Getting ready for the CAP Maroquinerie (optional)